Ilya Glinnikov – Actor, TV show host, producer, screenwriter

Ilya Glinnikov was born on 19 November 1984 in a small Russian town Novomoskovsk (about 200 km from Moscow). If you look closely at the artist’s appearance, you can notice his Georgian heritage, which Ilya got from his father.

Ilya’s artistic skills became obvious when he was just a boy. When Glinnikov turned three, he started taking dancing classes. In school, dancing was upstaged by sports. Ilya fell in love with football. Later, he devoted his free time to swimming. Glinnikov spent five years honing his swimming skills. He turned into an excellent swimmer but decided not to become a professional. Deep down, the boy wanted to be an artist.

Even though sports kept playing an important role in Ilya’s life, his artistic nature was shining through brighter and brighter. He enjoyed music and dancing. The young boy wrote poetry and read it at various school events. In the 9th grade, Glinnikov devoted a poem to his grandfather, who fought in World War II. The aspiring artist read the poem at a school talent contest and earned the top prize.

After finishing high school, Glinnikov decided to devote his time to dancing. He formed a dancing group, which specialized in breakdance and hip-hop. The young artist worked as a choreographer. The group earned several awards at different dancing contests. The show created by Ilya helped the group come in second at the Russian Hip-Hop Championship in Moscow.

After Glinnikov debuted with his own show, he decided to try his luck as part of another dance group “Urbans”. However, Glinnikov and the group management had a few creative differences, which kept Ilya from continuing his work with them. He left the show and formed a new group. Together, they performed in China.

Even though dancing seemed to be the chosen profession for the young artist, he suddenly changed his life. In 2005, Ilya made a decision to study acting. He moved to Moscow and enrolled at The Russian University of Theatre Arts. After a year of studying, Glinnikov helped his mom and younger brother move to Russia’s capital.

In 2008, Ilya landed his first role in a teen TV show “Club”. Even though the role was secondary, and the artist appeared in just one of eight seasons, Glinnikov made a statement. The industry players noticed the actor.

In 2009, the artist got his first big role. He played Ivan in a teen movie “Pervaya Lubov’” (First Love).

The same year, Ilya worked on a play “Tretya Smena” (Third Session), which was produced in Joseph Beuys Theater in Moscow. The play was nominated for a Golden Mask Award (Russian National Theater Award) in the “Experiment” category. However, the prize went to another play.  

After finishing his theater gig, Glinnikov went to the USA to hone his acting skills at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Ilya also found an opportunity to take screenwriting lessons from one of the most renowned screenwriting teachers in the United States, John Truby. Upon returning, he continued working hard on his acting career. Ilya got a part in one of the episodes of the popular TV series ‘Univer” (University). He played a friend of one of the leading characters.

In 2010, Ilya landed a role, which made him one of the most popular TV actors in Russia. He was invited to work on the TV series “Interns”. Glinnikov spent six years playing one of the leading roles. The young artist got a priceless opportunity to work with such experienced actors as Ivan Okhlobystin, Svetlana Permyakova, and Vadim Demchog. When sitcom ended in 2016, Ilya was one of the most recognizable TV actors in the country.

In 2014, Glinnikov started working on the comedy TV series “Sena”. Ilya didn’t just star in the series, he was also the screenwriter and the producer.  

Between 2015 and 2016, Glinnikov worked on a teen comedy series “Kryshy Mira” (The World’s Roofs). He landed the role of an adventurist.

In 2016, the artist got another important part in a romantic comedy “Lubov S Ogranicheniyami” (Love With Limits). He played the leading character’s best friend. While filming the movie, Ilya got a chance to work with such famous Russian movie producers as Fedor Bondarchuk and Timur Weinstein.

In 2017, Ilya performed in the TV series “Force Majeure”. The same year, he appeared in a popular TV show “Holostyak” (Russia’s version of The Bachelor). The artist had to select the best contender out of 25 women.

In 2018, Ilya changed his appearance. He grew a long and bushy beard, which shocked his fans. However, the new image didn’t interfere with the talented actor’s career. He continued getting interesting and important roles.

In 2019, Glinnikov is working on the reality show “Posledniy Geroy” (Russia’s version of “Survivor”). The actor will also appear in the movie “Kholop” (Errand Boy), in which he has one of the leading parts. The artist will work alongside his colleagues from “Interns”, Ivan Okholobystin and Vadim Demchog.

While working on new projects, Ilya Glinnikov finds time to give acting lessons and arrange masterclasses.